Original 1227 Mini wall lamp with a pivotable head The Original 1227 Mini wall lamp, which came onto the market in 2015, proves that a striking lighting accessory does not have to be big to make an impression. The lampshade is the same shape as that of the Anglepoise® work light which was patented by its creator George Carwardine in 1932. The painted lampshade is white on the inside and thus provides an excellent platform for the reflection of the emitted light. A wall light which is suitable for a number of areas of application: as additional lighting in living spaces and offices with an industrial design, or as a light source over the headboard. The switch is at the bottom of the wall mount. George Carwardine, the creator of the Anglepoise® design, was actually working as an engineer in the automotive sector and developing shock absorbers before he decided to produce a work light with excellent functionality in 1930. He patented the resulting Anglepoise® work light in 1932. In 1934, he sold the licence for it to Terry & Sons, the company which had previously supplied the springs for his flexible light. Energy efficiency class:A++

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Artemide Table lamp Opaque orange Plastic material. Dimensions: H 23 cm x Ø 32 cm - Ø Base 12.5 cm. Reviewed and modified reissue of the famous NESSO that has won the first prize in Artemide/Domus competition (Milan, 1965). NESSINO brilliantly expresses the zeitgeist of our time. It is available in several colours and suitable for any setting. Its unequal form and capacity to light up space allow for use in any room or office. It is entirely made of polycarbonate and provides diffused light at the bottom. Diffuse light - Incandescentes bulb ( not included ) 4 x 25W E15 - Supplied with EU plug : EU to UK plug adapter included - Supplied with EU plug: EU to UK plug adapter included > Flash sale: special price for a limited time only.
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By Rydéns

Five-bulb Foggy floor lamp - classicism and modernity skilfully combined The fabric lampshades of the Foggy floor lamp are in subtle shades of grey, festive white and elegant black and can be aligned as you wish to create a customised lighting concept. Perfect for large living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms, the Foggy five-bulb floor lamp will cut a good figure anywhere as an imposing light source. This light can either be used as part of the general lighting or for the direct illumination of specific areas, for example a reading corner. Energy efficiency class:A++

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Design by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti: LED table lamp Equatore As well as taking care of major construction projects, the two architects Gabriele and Oscar Buratti design furniture such as lights. They designed the Equatore series of lights for the brand manufacturer Fontana Arte. Equatore has a very classic appearance at first glance and its name is a reference to the position of the light source. This doesn’t sit inside the lampshade as is the case with most table lamps, but rather sits underneath the lampshade. If the hemispherical lampshade were the earth, the luminous panel would be approximately at the level of the equator. As this LED panel emits light both upwards and downwards, it is not immediately obvious that the table lamp has a somewhat unconventional style of light. So that you can adjust the brightness of the light to suit your personal needs, the table lamp Equatore comes with a dimmer. Energy efficiency class:A+


Flos Pendant Beige Textile. Dimensions: H 74 cm - Ø 110 cm - L cable 400 cm. The suspension Zeppelin is completely surprising. This is an a structure xith big size enveloped with an almost ''organic'' material. This suspension combines with audacity two elements which get a very different esthetic: a diffuser in resin '' cocoon'' medium-transparent and totally innovative pulverized on a luster candlestick in steel with a lot of arms. A shere made of crystal facets is situated on the center, on the part inferior of the lamp in order to give an sparkling effect. This lampshade '' cocoon'' almost organic envelopping this classical luster gives a surprising and delicate harmony impression. When the light is swtced pff, you contemplate a modern and fanciful lampshade. Once sxitched on, the luster shines in transparency and becomes the major actor of the scene. We love the exceptional volumes of this Zeppelin suspension . Size: Height 74 cm / Diameter 110 cm. 1 bulb 250W E27 HSGS/F included > Flash sale: special price for a limited time only.
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Fontana Arte

Elegant floor lamp PRIMA SIGNORA with an elegant chrome surface The floor lamp PRIMA SIGNORE is characterised by a compact, individual shape. This is defined by a three-legged stand which gets wider towards the bottom and has a chrome-coloured surface. This is crowned by a white glass, spherical lampshade. It has a diameter of 50 cm, which means that the shape alone gives the light a wide look which dominates the space. With a height of 180 cm, the floor lamp PRIMA SIGNORA occupies a large section of the room, without emitting too much blinding light. The combination of two aspects, which are mutually distinct in terms of their shape and form, ensures a particular contrast. On the one hand, there is the stand which is determined by the upward direction of the struts; and on the other hand, there is the lampshade which manages without any ornamentation or a particular finish. The model was designed by Daniela Puppa and is part of the current collection by the well-known manufacturer of home lighting Fontana Arte. A 205 watt intense light bulb is used in the E27 socket. However, compact fluorescent lamps and LED bulbs can also be used here. One special feature is the dimmer function, which is built-in as standard. This can be used to alter and adjust the light intensity according to the conditions in the room. However, what makes the floor lamp PRIMA SIGNORA unique is the handblown lampshade which reveals an individual lighting effect. Produced in accordance with the guidelines of the IP code IP20 and the protection class II. It is part of the collection by Fontana Arte, a manufacturer with the highest standards which had produced lights since 1932. The light combines classic aspects which are important to its function with modern, sometimes contradictory design elements. The result is a piece which can be used anywhere and unites design and decoration. Adequate lighting is guaranteed even at the back of the room due to the glare-free light output. However, the globe light’s coating ensures an extensive light output which is not obtrusive or blinding, even in close proximity. The floor lamp PRIMA SIGNORA is part of the current collection and is completely in keeping with the company’s tradition. The innovative creativity of this multi-award winning manufacturer is based on high levels of freedom and the integration of modern technologies. Energy efficiency class:A++


White ceramic hanging light Bag - made in Italy The hanging light Bag comes from the series of lights with the same name, which was developed by the design studio Baldessari & Baldessari for the lighting manufacturer Karman. The hemispherical lampshade is made of ceramics and has a white glaze on the outside and on the inside. The suspension system for the light is located on the anthracite-coloured metal bracket. Bag is a light which is particularly suited for the illumination of a table surface - regardless of whether this is a kitchen, dining room or living room table. Depending on the size, the use of several Bag models can also be considered. The designer lighting manufacturer Karman is based in central Italy and also produces its lights there. Karman’s creations are always extraordinary and frequently tell their own little story. The Bag series, for example, was named in a reference to a handbag: feminine and convertible. The rounded body represents the storage space of the bag, whilst the metal bracket represents the handle which can be used to carry it, hang it up or put it down. Energy efficiency class:A++

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Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen Pendant White,Pink Metal. Dimensions: Ø 28.3 cm x H 24.5 cm - Cable: L 300 cm. "Made For You ... Made in Design, the no. 1 design website, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the arrival of 20 brand-new creations which are sure to become cult items!To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Made in Design is partnering with 20 leading brands from the design world to offer you the privilege of acquiring exclusive, numbered, limited edition pieces. Check out our 20 must-have products all custom-made in pink ... a pop nod towards Made In Design’s favourite colour! Future collectors’ items to delight design aficionados...This brand-new pink version is a limited edition.Louis Poulsen, Danish designer of iconic lighting, had the great idea of reintroducing into his collection the famous "Doo-Wop" pendant nicknamed "the Navy pendant".Created in 1952, Doo-Wop was born from a close collaboration between the Danish Navy's construction department and Louis Poulsen. The goal was to create a simple, solid pendant with perfect lighting qualities. Used for many years in the Danish Navy's buildings, Doo-Wop disappeared from Louis Poulsen’s catalogues in the early 80s. With original models reaching record prices at auction, Louis Poulsen decided to reintroduce the famous pendant to his lighting collection.Made of aluminium, the DOO-WOP pendant comes with two reflectors. The internal white conical reflector provides functional, glare-free downlighting. The outer reflector spreads the light up and down in a gentle, diffuse way.Still made by hand, the Doo-wop pendant has an ultra-trendy vintage look. It embodies Scandinavian simplicity.This brand-new pink version is a limited edition." Exclusive model, limited edition, specially created to mark 20 years of Made In Design - Glare-free light - Bulb (not supplied): 1 x Halogen Eco 52W E27 - 1952 model - Hand-crafted
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Sound-absorbing Silenzio LED pendant light In the design of the Silenzio LED pendant light, its creator, the designer Monica Armani from Italy, has succeeded in combining a fabulous lighting effect, acoustic comfort and the beauty of the fabric lampshade design. Silenzio is not only a light source, but also acts as a decorative element both in the private sphere and when furnishing hotel rooms. The aesthetically designed lampshade (a blended fabric consisting of 90 % wool and 10 % nylon) has a rugged yet elegant appearance and is sound-absorbing, which has a very positive effect on the ambience in the room. The built-in LEDs shine in a gentle warm white colour, whilst the white, grooved inside surface of the lampshade provides an optimal reflection of the light, creating a homogeneous light impression with a cosy touch. Silenzio - a pendant light that is suitable for living spaces and bedrooms and has a subtly elegant charm. Energy efficiency class:A++

EAN: 8051414543159


Atollo table lamp has won numerous prizes The Atollo table lamp is a real designer product that was designed back in 1977. It has won various awards since then and is even included in the collections of international museums as an example of a design classic. Thus it stands as a real trophy for the Oluce brand. Thanks to its mushroom shape, it will seemingly never go out of fashion. Retro style and modernity combine here to produce a work of art that is both a decorative element and a reliable light source. Whether placed on the desk, on the dresser or on the living room table; the white Murano glass Atollo will always look great. The integrated dimmer is extremely practical – it allows you to adjust the brightness level to suit requirements. The light bulbs are included with Atollo. Oluce has been selling its products since 1945 and has made a name for itself in the field of designer lights. High-quality lights with an individual design are the result of the many years of experience that Oluce has under its belt. Select artists from across the world play their part – they provide the company with their designer pieces. The result is creations that fulfil the requirements of today whilst also embodying a traditional style. The careful selection of materials and high requirements facing the individual products make the lights from Oluce something special. Energy efficiency class:E


Atlante floor lamp with a tripod stainless steel frame This designer light masterfully takes up the style of the 1960s. The material from which it was made speaks to the present: Cristalflex®. This modern and high-quality plastic is light and durable and has a gloss that is similar to glass. The extravagant body of this floor lamp in smoke grey provides additional elegance. Visionary designer lights made in Italy - Slamp The Italian designer lighting company Slamp, based in Rome, was founded in the early 1990s by Roberto Ziliani. Ziliani was already working in design when he finally discovered his passion for discovering the possibilities of light. The highest demands in terms of materials, workmanship and quality At Slamp, special emphasis is placed on the development of innovative materials. In addition to natural and traditional materials such as leather, copper, crystal, or stainless steel, Slamp therefore works with exclusive and specially patented materials such as Cristalflex®, Opalflex®, and Lentiflex®. Unique lighting effects can be achieved with these materials. For example, Lentiflex® resembles water that changes colour depending on the viewing angle. These materials, which were developed in-house at Slamp, and the resulting lights clearly express Slamp’s strengths. These include, amongst other things, a high degree of innovation, creativity, and originality, as well as a great sense of the effect of light. Energy efficiency class:D

EAN: 8024727039213


The hanging light BULO by Professor Oliver Niewiadomski embodies pure creativity Qality made in Germany. This hanging light, designed by Professor Oliver Niewiadomski, is eye-catching with its multi-layered light, where the deliberately set colour accents are particularly visible. The creative design is a special feature of the harmonic spherical shape. Through the use of advanced LED technology, this product is also very energy-efficient and long-lasting. The company TECNOLUMEN - Programme with heart The company TECNOLUMEN is based entirely on the Bauhaus-style: Their first product was the Wagenfeld table lamp in 1979. In addition to Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s models, TECNOLUMEN integrated even more design classics of Bauhaus in their program; from Marianne Brandt to the designs of other designers such as Walter Schnepel. Art Deco and De Stijl are also shaping the program of this manufacturer. Energy efficiency class:A+


Fascinating Magdalena hanging light with semi-circular lampshade – 70 cm The white metal Magdalena hanging light produces an impressive play of light. The semi-circular lampshade has a diameter of 70 cm. It features striped light outlets which run the length of the lampshade. Magdalena produces a fascinating interplay between light and shade on the wall and lends the room a completely new appearance and atmosphere. The high-quality light is produced using modern laser technology and creates stunning accents in a stylish home. Magdalena is a product from Italian manufacturer Terzani. Bruno Rainaldi designed the lovely hanging light for the company. Terzani has been producing elegant lights and glass works of art for over four decades. Unique shapes and a passion for fascinating light objects shape the products from the Italian company. Energy efficiency class:A++


Asteria mini LED pendant light - it is the little things that count The Asteria LED pendant light is characterised by its elegant, clear shape and its streamlined appearance. In contrast, it has a bright, integrated LED panel that perfectly illuminates the surface beneath it. The warm white light is pleasant for the eyes and is perfect for use as table lighting. The puristic LED hanging light combines an understated look with new technology. Asteria mini is bright and livens up the room with its direct light. With these factors, it reflects the look created by the Danish designer and developer of this light. Søren Ravn Christensen is a co-founder of the lighting manufacturer UMAGE, which combines cutting-edge lighting technology and a puristic style so that as many interior styles as possible can be enriched with its lights. The UMAGE brand, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, wants to combine the simple, functional Scandinavian style with craftsmanship and modern technology, whilst continuing to focus on an environmentally conscious treatment of nature. Energy efficiency class:A+

EAN: 5710302022116